Tips for International Buyers Purchasing Real Estate in Florida

Heide International LLC offers real estate property finance for international buyers who would like to purchase real estate in Florida USA.

It can be easier for foreign national real estate buyers to mortgage real estate in Florida, USA than it is for US citizens. Centuries ago, acquiring property in the United States required you to convince some king or queen to finance your venture, and head west. You encountered some monstrous waves, possibly the Kraken, mermaids and if you didn’t sink and drown, you’d eventually run into an enormous land mass; you would jump out of your boat, stick your flag in the ground and declare – in the name of your sovereign – that all the land as far as the eye can see was yours. These days its much less treacherous to travel to the U.S. However, sticking a flag in the ground is no longer an acceptable means of property acquisition.

Some will say it’s difficult for international buyers to finance property in the USA, in most cases its actually easier for an international buyer to mortgage a property in the USA than it is for a US citizen to do the same. These are some of the most common points you should know:

• You’ll need to have a proper VISA or Travel Authorization through ESTA, the VISA waiver program.
• Down payments typically require 25% to 30% down unless you’re arriving with promise of employment. Then you’ll only need 20% down.
• Your money can come from anywhere in the world and can be verified by bank letters. We don’t need your bank statements.
• Income can be documented with employment letters. We don’t need your tax returns.
• No US credit is good credit and your bank letters serve as credit references.
• There are a multitude of programs available, since not one lender has the same program.

Rates and terms can vary widely from one lender to another. My Name is Kurt Heide. I’m the president of Heide International if you have any questions about financing property in Florida give me a call. I’m happy to help.