Heide International Still Values ‘Old-School’ Customer Service

Do you enjoy the experience of old-school style customer service? Heide International LLC offers a multitude of mortgage programs for real estate buyers who wish to purchase property in Florida.

Old School is cool. In these days of high-speed phones, computers, and expectations it would be great to know that there is really someone back there in the cyberspace darkness truly interested in making sure you’re happy.

We often experience computer-generated voices when calling customer service. These voices then direct us to some web site where we then have to try and navigate through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); or worse dig through a myriad of web pages to find the Contact Us page; in order to find a phone number to make that call.

How often do you find yourself emphatically saying: Representative! Only to hear “I’m sorry I didn’t get that. Goodbye.”

Companies speak about good customer service, but rarely do we feel important to them when we have those experiences. Wouldn’t it be cool to call a company about the most expensive and important purchase of your life and get a real person on the phone; who actually listens to you with interest and then answers your questions with some intelligence?

What if you could reach that person just about any time of the day, even on weekends. Let’s also say that same person was highly experienced, understanding, and had a personal interest in making sure we’re happy. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Enter Heide International. Designed and built with our client’s needs in mind – all of our clients are treated with the greatest respect. Owned and operated by a 30-year veteran of the mortgage industry; we’re armed and backed with a depth of knowledge and program options second-to-none. Give us a call. Anytime. There’s only one number and it goes directly to the owner: Kurt Heide 561-213-4093. And you won’t be yelling: Representative!