Do I Need A Real Estate Lawyer In Florida?

Did you know, Florida doesn’t require a real estate lawyer when buying or selling a home.

So why should you consider using a real estate lawyer for what might be the biggest purchase of your life?

A Good real estate agent has knowledge of Florida markets and can help you in many ways including:
• Quickly drawing up the purchase agreement and getting into negotiations between buyers and sellers
• Knowing neighborhoods, market trends and home values
• They look for potential defects in the property and negotiate repairs or upgrades

So Why Use An Attorney?

Real estate agents aren’t lawyers, and cannot provide any legal advice and they can make contractual mistakes putting the buyer or seller at risk.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Sometimes Shy Away From Working With Real Estate Lawyers?

Because lawyers can be intimidating. And they can take too long to respond putting an offer at risk. They also might get too involved in negotiations, to justify their fee. In truth, a smart buyer or seller knows a good real estate agent working closely with a strong lawyer complement each other. Both parties can advise on the complexities of the transaction and keep everybody involved on target. Real estate lawyers know the proper language to protect you legally and contractually with costs far lower than you might expect.