Reverse Mortgage Success Stories and Anecdotes

The best thing about originating reverse mortgages are the stories my clients tell. I get to hear real life war stories, love stories, and simple life stories.

Sometimes, I become real friends with my clients and have even been asked by one client’s son, who lived in New York, to check in on his mom when he couldn’t reach her. She was fine and I sat with her for 2 hours over a cup of tea and some cookies.

I’ve heard stories about playing piano with the Boston Philharmonic; rediscovered romances after a 70-year parting; what it’s like to build skyscrapers in Manhattan; and stories of combat in Korea, Vietnam and even World War 2.

The work I do fills me with great pleasure, and I understand the angst people go through when they need the money from a house, they spent their whole life paying off; only having to borrow against it again for medical bills or to meet once simple obligations because they’ve outlived their savings.

At the same time though, I get to see the great pleasure this money can bring to people’s lives. I remember my mom telling my dad, “We’re doing a reverse mortgage and you’re taking me around the world!” So, they cruised the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. Then they came back and took a scenic train across the USA, and took a paddle wheeler down the Mississippi. Other clients have used the money to travel home to see family in other countries. Still others have used the money to give early inheritance. One client confided in me that the money she was taking was going to be used to buy her granddaughter a Ferrari. And she meant it!
Reverse mortgages aren’t just about the numbers. They’re about the people who have lived lifetimes and that’s the reason I love originating reverse mortgages.

Do you have a story to tell? Kurt would love to do a video of you telling it and put it on his website. Would you like to know if a Reverse Mortgage is suitable for you? Heide International LLC offers a multitude of mortgage programs for real estate buyers who wish to purchase property in Florida. Kurt Heide has over 35 years’ experience in the finance industry – that means good advice and peace of mind.