Mortgage Financing For A Professional Yachtie

If you’re coming off the yachts with a new job in the USA or if you’re staying on the yachts looking for investment property, you could be surprised at how easy you can qualify for mortgage financing.


You’ve sailed the seven seas and seen the great wonders of the world, but you may think securing real estate financing in Florida can be like navigating shoals without a depth finder. Some programs only require a letter from your employer stating your income and a letter from your international banker stating your available funds. Down payments can be as low as 20% without requirements for US credit or green cards and rates are always very competitive. Mortgage financing in Florida can be as easy as being nice to the charter guests. If you’re a yachtie with questions on real estate finance in Florida, give me a call. I’m Kurt Heide, president of Heide International. I’ve been sailing the mortgage waters over 32 years. I’ll steer you right and help you navigate the mortgage shoals.