Mortgages for Foreign Nationals

Stated Income Mortgages for
Foreign Nationals

Are you a Foreign National investor or international business owner, trying to buy an investment property or second home in the USA but you’re struggling to verify your intricate income ?

Then a Stated Income with Asset Verification Program may fit your needs.

This program only requires you to state your income and doesn’t require you to provide documentation of that income.

No U.S. Credit is needed, but a letter of reference from your international banking institution is essential.

Two months’ translated bank statements are mandatory to show funds for down payment, closing costs and reserves.

So if you’d like to avoid the worries of verifying your complex global income, this financing option may be the right mortgage plan for you.

I’m Kurt Heide, President of Heide International, If you have any questions on mortgage financing, give me a call.

I’m happy to help.

What are Mortgages for Foreign Nationals?

Basically, Real Estate finance for International clients who wish to purchase property in Florida.

Foreigners, whether they’re a resident or not, can legally buy property in the USA. We have a variety of real estate finance solutions for international or foreign borrowers.

Mortgages for Foreign Nationals benefits


"Kurt assisted my wife and I to get a mortgage when we first arrived in the USA and had no credit history. He explained the complexities, found the right product and made it happen swiftly.... Results! He's also a nice guy!"

Clive D, West Palm Beach, FL