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Foreign Nationals

What Foreign Nationals Need to Know About FIRPTA

Tips for International Buyers Purchasing Real Estate in Florida

Stated Income Mortgages for Foreign Nationals

The Expatriate Program and How YOU Can Realize Your Dream of Home Ownership

Mortgage Financing For Yachties

Foreign Nationals Programs

Reverse Mortgage

Don't Get Pushed Around by Reverse mortgage Sales People

WATCH OUT! Does a Reverse Mortgage Affect Your Social Security or Medicare?

Reverse Mortgage Common Misconceptions

Did You Know You Can Get Reverse Mortgages on Condominiums

Reverse Mortgage Stories

Reverse Mortgage Purchase

3 Options to Consider Before You Speak to a Reverse Mortgage Professional

Reverse Mortgage Payment Options

Downsides of Reverse Mortgages

First Time Homebuyers

Alert! Wire Fraud

Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Florida

What is Title Insurance

What is a NON Qualified Mortgage

Don't Do the Don'ts

Don't be Scared, Be Prepared: What Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Know

Have the Government Help Buy Your Home

How Important is Your Credit Score

Don't Buy That Car! Watch This First

How to Compete with Cash Buyers

Don't Let Student Loans Kill Your Homebuying Desires

What is Mortgage Insurance

You Closed on Your Florida Home! Now What?

Did You Know There Are 56 Different Credit Score Variants?

Did you know No Credit Score can mean good credit and loan approval?

Home Owner Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Decrease Your Capital Gains Tax When You Sell

Tax Deductible Closing Costs After You've Owned Your Home

Mortgage Stuff You Should Know

The CFPB Your Financial Pit Bulls and Why are They Important to You

Oh NO! My Mortgage is Being Sold!

Factors Affecting Interest Rates

What is an ARM

You Closed! Now What!?

What's the Difference Between a Mortgage and a Note?

Recasting & Refinancing Tips to Save $1000s on Your Mortgage

Condominium Financing

10% Down for Low Reserve Condos

3% Down Condos & Tips Make Buying Florida Condos Easier


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